Früh-sarmatische Kriegerin

Early Sarmatian Female Warrior

Sarmatische "Priesterin"

Sarmatian “Priestess”


Nomaden von Tilla Tepe

Nomads from Tilla Tepe

"Eisprinzessin" vom Ukok-Plateau

“Ice-Maiden” from the Ukok-Plateau

Nomadische Elite

Nomadic Elite from the Altai


Händlerin an der Seidenstraße

Trader from the Silk Road

Sarmatischer Auxiliar

Sarmatian Auxiliar

Skythe aus der Schwarzmeer-region

Scythian from the Black-Sea-Region

Rich  Scythian woman

Fürstlicher Skythe

Sedentary Scythian


Mounted Warrior from Pazyryk


Artefacts and Accessories


















As far as possible, we try to manufacture our textile equipment ourselves. It is important to us to have the most realistic representation possible. However, in the realistic use of materials and manufacturing techniques, we are often forced to compromise. The sources and finds to the costumes from our circle of representations are very sparse and can be traced practically only to grave finds and the descriptions of Greek and Roman sources.

Nevertheless, we try to give our visitors an authentic picture of the former clothing.

Things look different with the items. Many metal objects are obtained from grave finds. Here we try to produce as realistic as possible replicas. But that’s just the beginning. Little by little, we will publish our latest “achievements” here.

So just be patient and have a look.