based on the findings from the Sokolova Mogila (1st century AD)

In 1974 an impressive fund was made at the southern Bug: the “The Hawk Grave mound” (Sokolova Mogila) brought a Sarmatian burial of woman 1. Jh.n.d.Z. to light that had not been looted. Therefore, it allowed valuable insights into the appearance and features of a rich Sarmatian woman around the beginning of the Common Era.

Although the majority of the organic materials had passed away in the grave, the leftover finds from the funeral gave witness of a woman who apparently held a high position in society: along rich braids of polished stones and glass beads also gold flakes were found, which once adorned the clothing. Tiny textile remnants show, that the woman was dressed with expensive silk fabric in bright colors. At the lower leg gold thread embroidery remains of textile were detectable, which were previously unknown in the ancient world in this filigree version.

Besides that numberless artifacts were found in the grave; including mirrors, the remains of decorated purses, golden jewelry decorated with stone inlays, many pendants in various forms, vessels, and much more. Due to the rich grave goods and numerous offerings, which the science ascribes to amulets or talisman the finds assemblage of Sokolova Mogila is often addressed in the literature as the grave of a Sarmatian “Priestess”. Whether the woman’s lifetime actually fulfilled priestly functions, must remain in the dark, since this information can not be determined on the archaeological facts. But the scope and inventory of objects give quite to the assumption that it was a person who could have at least met some religious and political function.

Due to the enormous scope of the grave goods we had been limited in the realisation of few details. Especially in the realms of possibilities of extensive gold embroidery on the jacket as well as the numerous, various additions we had to make cuts. Over time, however, we want to expand the presentation to come closer to the level of archaeological template. The entire grave inventory and clothing decor we will never be able to reproduce because of the number of items.

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